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Our youth are our future Keepers of the Earth. We pollute our beautiful world with plastic litter on land and plastic soup in oceans. Let’s make our children aware of this pollution problem on a swing. Be the change you want to see in the world!

This Purple Frog does not want to live in plastic litter and gathered bottle caps, crates and other plastics for making this durable 100% recycled plastic swing. It prevents the CO2 emissions when burning this waste, therefore the CO2 footprint has a value below zero, which means a positive effect on the climate. It is also a good alternative for wood, fewer rainforests have to be cut down. So care for our earth with lot’s of fun on this sustainable and environmentally friendly swing!

Choice of 2 sizes; 60 cm and 100cm (TWIN for 2 persons)
Only available in black for indoor and outdoor

Dutch design & production by Purple Frog


Earth Keepers

bullet 100% recycled plastic, 4cm thick
bullet Robust & cool look
bullet Environmentally friendly and recyclable
bullet Handmade by Dutch carpenters
bullet Sustainable, can last >50 years
bullet UV, water and weather resistant
bullet Maintenance-free
bullet Does not rot and splinter
bullet Strong, it can carry a big weight
bullet For indoor&outdoor

Technical specifications

Dimension seat 60x20x4cm, the TWIN is 100x20x4cm
Inclusive in length adjustable black rope
Inclusive stainless steel rings for attachment, exclusive hook
Total height is 240cm till bottom of swing
Depending on the size of the user, we advise a sitting height of 40cm from floor
Total maximum ceiling height is 280cm, total minimum ceiling height is 180cm


Only for domestic use
Not for children <3 years
Only for 1 person at the time
Maximum weight= 120 kg (for TWIN 180 kg)
Developed according to NEN EN 71
Check all fixing points regularly
With wear or breakage stop using the swing
Never leave young children unattended on the swing

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Adjustable rope




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Earth Keeper 60cm, Earth Keeper 100cm


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