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Every child likes to swing, the wonderful feeling of floating high in the clouds. Butterflies in your stomach, your feet dangling free, a cheerful laughter. A swing is never boring, for centuries it ensures daily hours of fun. The Marshmallow swing is as soft as a marshmallow, it is basically a hanging cushion. Very safe because there is no collision risk for passing children!

Available in 5 colors and 2 colors new outdoor+ fabric. All suitable for indoor& outdoor.

Dutch design by Purple Frog
Marshmallow design is protected

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bullet As soft as a Marshmallow
bullet No collision risk for passing children
bullet Bright colours matching your interior
bullet For indoor&outdoor

Technical specifications

Dimension seat 40x25x6cm
Inclusive in length adjustable black rope
Inclusive stainless steel rings for attachment, exclusive hook
Total height is 230cm till bottom of swing
Depending on the size of the user, we advise a sitting height of 40cm from floor
Total maximum ceiling height is 270cm, total minimum ceiling height is 180cm
The swing is made from strong waterproof polyester with water repellency coating
The fabric is easy to clean with lukewarm water and soft soap
Packaging; luxury storage bag


Only for domestic use
Not for children <3 years
Only for 1 person at the time
Maximum weight= 70 kg
Developed according to NEN EN 71
Check all fixing points regularly
With wear or breakage stop using the swing
Never leave young children unattended on the swing
With lots of rain and in winter, put the swing indoors
The knot must be tight, not loose. The knot end must be 10cm long. Remake the knot, when knot is not correct

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Adjustable rope

Hang him high



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