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Do you have a beautiful high attic or an old hay barn that is just too high? Then extend the standard rope with an extra ropes set in the same color and thickness. Or is the branch of that big tree in the garden very high, but the children like to swing back and forth for a long time, then a rope length of 4.5 meters can be made with a double rope. Including the swing height, the swing can be suspended up to a height of up to 5 meters!

Especially with this height, you get the jitters in your stomach. The feet high in the clouds, a happy laugh. A swing never bores, for centuries he provides many hours of fun. Success assured.


Technical specifications

Extra ropes set to extend the length of the Marshmallow ropes
A set of 2 black adjustable ropes
Polyester rope 12 mm thick
Total length of the rope is 2 m
Maximum user length = 2.25 m
Minimum user length = 1.4 m
Includes stainless steel rings and galvanized adjustment-eight
This ropes set can not be mounted directly on the Marshmallow Swing, but only for extension of the standard rope.

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