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In fact, every child dreams of a swing on a big old tree in the backyard. And let’s be honest also for adults it is cool to have a quiet spot under the tree. Just empty your head, give your thoughts wings and feel as free as a bird. With a smile on your face and your head clear, you can touch the whole world again. Every day half an hour outside, just away from work, rocking is healthy for mind and body!

If you want to hang a swing on a tree, the ropes can be damaged by the friction of the ropes on the branch. Therefore, use the Tree Strap that prevents the ropes and tree from damaging. Throw the strap around the branch, pull one end through the loop and attach the stainless steel ring of the swing by means of a carabiner and the other loop.


Technical specifications

By using this Tree Strap the ropes and the tree will not be damaged
Very strong, indestructible strap
Also called parachute strap or seat belt
Black, 5 cm wide
Length is 1 meter with 2 loops at the end
The Tree Strap is sold individually

Additional information

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