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Act as a child and feel alive! You are never too old to swing. Swinging is fun, your feet high in the air and you feel free as a bird. Even when you are a grown-up, you want to feel as the young ones. Stop thinking and being rational all the time, swinging helps your brain to process all information you have adapted. It is a fun break during your work, it empties your mind, burns the calories and keeps you in shape.

This swing is made of 7cm thick scrap wood, this gives a robust and natural look. No tree has been cut, this tough wood has been taken from old houses, the first batch is from Rotterdam. The wood has had a lifetime, sometimes it is 100 years old, therefor you can find some nail holes, cracks or knots in the wood. Cool wood! All swings are handmade by a Dutch carpenter, so every swing is unique. Re-using this wood is a fun way to take care of our earth.

Choice of 2 sizes; 60 cm and 100cm (TWIN for 2 persons)
Unpainted for indoor and painted for indoor and outdoor

Dutch design & production by Purple Frog


Young Ones

bullet 100% scrap wood, 7cm thick
bullet Robust & natural look
bullet Handmade so unique, there may be nail holes, cracks or knots in it
bullet Handmade by Dutch carpenters
bullet Wood with a history, centuries old wood from Dutch houses
bullet Environmentally friendly and recyclable
bullet Sustainable, can last long
bullet Strong, it can carry a big weight

Technical specifications

We produce this swing in small badges, so there may be a delivery time. Special requests such as your own color, size or type of wood are possible.

Dimension seat 60x20x7cm, the TWIN is 100x20x7cm
Inclusive in length adjustable black rope
Inclusive stainless steel rings for attachment, exclusive hook
Total height is 240cm till bottom of swing
Depending on the size of the user, we advise a sitting height of 40cm from floor
Total maximum ceiling height is 280cm, total minimum ceiling height is 180cm
The unpainted swing is suitable for indoors
You can treat the swing yourself so it is suitable for outdoor use
The unpainted wood turns yellow through sunlight
Painted; the HK wood protection glaze in Light Oak of Platinum Grey protects against mold, wood rot and UV for 3-5 years. Then the swing must be painted again


Only for domestic use
Not for children <3 years
Only for 1 person at the time
Maximum weight= 120 kg (for TWIN 180kg)
Developed according to NEN EN 71
Check all fixing points regularly
With wear or breakage stop using the swing
Never leave young children unattended on the swing
Pay attention to sharp objects to avoid damaging the wood

Download manual

Adjustable rope

Hang him high



Additional information

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Black, Curacao Aqua, Dolphin Grey, Earth Keeper 60cm, Earth Keeper TWIN 100cm, Honeysuckle Pink, Moonless night Black, Outdoor+ Outerspace Grey, Outdoor+ Raven Black, Painted light oak, Painted platinum grey, Summer Lime, TWIN unpainted, unpainted


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